Oil & Gas Pipe

Pipelines utilized as a part of the oil and gas industry fluctuate as indicated by numerous variables, for example, the ‘item’ to be transported, the conveyance stage and whether it’s a piece of the upstream, midstream or downstream segment.

On the off chance that you are an accomplished hot tapping engineer, you’ll as of now be up to speed on these. Be that as it may, for whatever remains of you, beneath are brief portrayals of the fundamental sorts of pipeline and their general reason.



The offer of packaging and penetrate pipe represents the greater part of our exchange boring and generation materials. We stock a substantial determination of new and utilized bore pipe in the sizes and string assortments most regularly utilized as a part of the oil and gas industry.

In the event that required, we can cut or repair the coveted string for you and we can convey all bore pipe, tubing or packaging with an examination report.

Water Pipe

Midas Pipeline supplies steel pipes all through the UK in distances across 80mm through to 4000mm. The respectability and long haul, superior of water pipelines that are set in the ground is supported by powerful assurance from consumption and stresses emerging from area.

Midas Pipeline Systems offers an assortment of coatings, linings and jointing choices to suit the specific prerequisites of consumable water applications and the steel channels determined.

The supply of consumable water, by means of pipeline, to towns and urban areas requires materials fit for addressing the difficulties of both the normal and fabricated conditions.


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